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Can I play world lotteries from my country?
Yes, you can play the most of the biggest lotteries from anywhere in the world.
If the lottery does not allow option to buy ticket online, there are lottery agents, where you can buy ticket online.
What is a difference to play lottery online?
There are no differences between to play lottery online and buying the ticket in a store.
When you play online, you play the same lottery game with the same rules and prizes.
What is a lottery agent?
Lottery agent provides a lottery service in that they operate as couriers on your behalf.
They purchase your lottery tickets for you and handle everything from start to finish. This service enables you to play lotteries from other countries.
Is it safe to play lottery online?
Short answer is yes.
Longer answer is, that there many scammers using all kinds of tricks to get money out of you, therefore you should always be careful. All websites mentioned here are legitimate lottery sites with trackable history. We want you to help to avoid those fake website and help you to choose the best service.
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